I feel like I'm the only person that has eczema I only have

I feel like I’m the only person that has eczema I only have a mild case but it is embarrassing is there any products that work ?

i really hope there is anything would work but eczema have it own itch cycle,once they are gone,they will come back, those cream will give temporary relief. u r lucky to have a mild case like my father,he suffer for 15 months only, and till now its dissapear.he teach me to realise how my body react to certain materials and food. sum doctor say it comes from wat we eat,sum say from wat we touch.so keep in memory wat u hv eat and touch fr certain period so if the itch are too intense,u may recognice wat trigger them. evry people hv diffrent type of allergy. and remember that when u re stress, it may be one of the factor the itch get intense.

Spot on! It still amazes me that with all the people that suffer from Eczema and the science available. We can’t say what role food plays in triggering eczema. Food appears to have a whole range of possible effects. From full blown anaphylaxis (stop breathing and death) to intolerance (stomach cramps and diarrhoea).
No two Doctors can agree on the role of food and eczema. The biggest culprit always seems to be milk, but when tested for milk allergy it often comes back negative, and when it is withheld the eczema seldom clears (that may due to multiple factors!)
But often parents deprive their children of essential vitamins and minerals in the forlorn hope of clearing their eczema. Interestingly many of the patients I see are of Pakistani origin and a visit there seems to clear their eczema where milk is drunk by the bucketful.
If you do suspect food to play a role in your eczema may I suggest seeking out a reputable dietician and get some sound advice before omitting foodstuffs.