I feel so sad

I just saw a post from last year, from a 15 yr old girl from queensland at yahoo questions and answers on her mother who has severe CFS, the child was seeking help. Its making me almost cry (I probably will do in a moment).

This poor child wasnt going to school for many months as she had to take care of her mother which she has been doing all her life and now they’ve just found out her Mother has now developed cancer. The poor child was trying to work out what to do and seek out a hostel or something for her mother who is just getting worst and worst and is going to die.

Apparently the cancer wasnt picked up for quite a while as it mimiced the CFS symptoms eg hair falling out and everything else.

All this I find not only sad but scary as well as from what Ive reseached thou many are are trying to tell us otherwise … it appears to me that the CFS does increase our risk of cancer and dying from it. (cause toxins build up in our bodies and our abnormal systems… this is why my CFS specialist tried to put me onto taking the denatured whey… to prevent that risk).

anyway… ive emailed that young girl and told her about this site. I hope she got the support she needed some how and has worked out what to do about her mother. (she was so upset that she couldnt even look at the hostel info her mother had recieved).

There really needs to be better support systems out there for ones with CFS :frowning:


Thank you for being such a caring person.

Thank you for reaching out to that young girl.  The story did make me cry.....I'm sitting here feeling so sorry for myself and what I'm going through. 

Thanks for waking me up ....there is always those worse off.

I'm glad your here Tania