I finally did it!

I finally wrote my story in the true, uncut, and raw form. I figured it was time to not lie about it and tell the whole story of my life. I feel proud that i can tell my story and be trutheful about it. Horray. It feels good to start talking about what led up to my life now. I just wanted to get this out. It may seem stupid to write a forum about it but oh well. Gotta tell someone. I feel like it is a big part in my healing process to talk about my past. Hope some of you will read it.xoxox

well done, it takes a lot of guts to lay everything down in its naked form and not flinch… im new to how these things work, if i want to read it, where can i find it?

have a positive day x

mrstracey Just click on my picture and that will take you to my profile. At the top of my profile you will see something about my story you can click there or scroll down my page and my story is at the bottom of the page right above my journals. Hope you are having a good and posative day.xoxox