I finally may get help

I have been dealing with my daughter’s bipolar episodes, well yesterday I called my brother and was telling him about her, I have known that his wife is bipolar, so I was hoping that I could get a little sympathy from him, because I take care of my alzheimers mother, my daughter and help my husband with the errands, bills, etc. I am up to my eyeballs in depression.
I finally told him that it sure is tough taking care of everyone and no one to help, he had no reaction, but now I know that I have someone to talk to because he has gone to h**l and back with his wife, she is on lithium, anyway maybe now I will have someone to help me in time of need, of course that is a wish, because I at least know that I have ya’ll to talk to and I feel lucky in that.


May I ask how old your daughter is? My granddaughter whom I am raising was dx’d with bipolar-depression and ADD 2 mos ago. I have been looking for a group or forum to go to. She has seen a phycharist and a med-nurse, she is on Lamictal 100mg. She starts therapy next month. As you see, I have my health issues and see a therapist and have a 12 yr old going thru puberty and the bipolar is a double whammy. just would love to see how you deal with the bi-polar episodes, as I just let her yell and cry in her room and then she comes out when she is done. It breaks my heart but also makes my issues rise. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Due to finally getting her on my husbands Insurance, we can afford for her to see the therapist. It paid for the Phych and her meds, but when Phyc dx’d her Bi-polar our insurance stated it was pre-exsisting and would not cover any more visits. I had to go thru so much red tape (her mother had her on Medicaide and I assume my granddaughter was dx’d with Bi-polar and my daughter never told me) due to my daughters drug abuse and lifestyle is why my husband and I have Permanant Guardianship of granddaughter as of 2 mos ago. But our Insurance will now pay for her to see Phyc, have her meds and therapy now. She has an appt Nov 5th and is on a list to try to get in sooner. Yes, after she has an episode and comes out of her room, she will tell me she is sorry and I tell her she has nothing to be sorry for and she tells me she feels better after her episodes. Sometimes she will fall asleep and get up and tell me she feels better. Then she has those little up and down days of mild episodes and along with puberty, we can have a few rough days there lol. She’ll get real mouthy, pout, go in her room and ignore us…do you get these days also?

My daughter is 16 years old. What I do is let her throw her fit, let her calm down then talk to her.

What I don’t understand is why she is not starting therapy right now, because frankly she needs to be in therapy when first starting out on her meds. My daughter started talking to a pyschiatrist from the beginning and then her dr. told her what meds to take.

Anyway, good luck, just take deep breathes and let her episode finish, unless you can talk to her before these happen?

I really know what you are going thru. My daughter started showing signs when she started her cycle, I don’t know if it lies in dormant or what, but it has come to full blown manic episodes.

My daughter is on lamictal and seroquel, because she is having problems sleeping, we have had her on medication for 10 months and we have still not gotten her stabilized. We have no insurance and no prescription ins., so we are pretty well s****d if it would not be for our dr. who gives us samples. If we had to pay each month for both drugs it would cost over $1000.00, so this is a difficult situation for us, because I had to quit my job and lose the insurance to become a caregiver for my mother, which of course neither one of my brothers gives me any money for the care of which they want no part of. Sorry, I drefted.

Anyway, just remember patience, patience, patience, because it gets rough at times, also my dr. told me that right now till middle of Nov. and then when the time changes in April, they are moodier than most times, so I thought that I would give you advanced warning.

Hugs too you for taking care of your grandchild, and remember you have me if you ever need to talk, I will be here for you and others.