I found a good Dr!

Well after almost a year I found one !! I went to the University of Miami and Met Dr Romano. Can’t belive how long it took. The first Dr that didn’t have a glazed look in his eyes when I asked about FMD.He spent an hour with me then did a test that I never had before called an embolism detection test. The tech uses an ultra sound wand followed both carotid arteries from temple on down neck very slowly. Aside from the visual they also listen to the blood flow in the artery.apparently clots make a sound ( who knew)? After it was determined that I didn’t have any clots I was taken off Coumadin and put on daily Aspirin.He told me no heavy lifting ( nothing over ten lbs). No one is ever to touch my neck ,he said think of your neck as sacred !! no stretching or straining(neck) sex ok that made me laugh he kind of suprised me with that!! LOL!MRA"S every 6 months go to Er if get a severe headache. I love this man !! Ater meeting with him I felt so much better. Just wanted to update since my University visit!!

Thank you for sharing Lorraine :slight_smile: