I had my 2nd interstim Trial & placment

Hello all,

I had my 2nd interstim Trial May 8, 2007 it went very well
this time around I slepped threw the hole surgery.
The reason i had to do the trial again is because when I turned
the interstim up I got leg pain it was coming from the interstim my
Doctor said and also because I also have a bad back, I had back surgery
3 years ago. I got reprogramed several times but nothing helped.
So my Doctor derided to place the leads on my right side.
I said OH NO! NOT AGAIN its not that its painful well some times it is
its just doing the Trial is Anouing also I am afraid sometime if I am
not careful I might get the wire stuck on something SCARE!!!
So I had my surgery and it went well better then before
the first surgery the trial part well they don’t put you to sleep
its called the twilight zone your half sleep half awake when that
happened with the trial surgery I felt the pain I am not sure if I felt
him cutting but I felt something it was pain and sharp. I now I felt
the interstim busing me. well this time around No pain, I sleeped the
whole time. now its day 7 No pain in leg and the interstim is helping
me of course I new that it would. I have 1 week & 5 days left until
the implant BOY I can’t wait.

OK May 25th I had the inplant surgery for the interstim
it went well its now day 2 I am doing good still in some pain.
and I can go for 5-6 hours with our peeing !!! YEH!!!
and sleep for 8-9 hours.

Boy I am so so sore this time around my mom changed the dressing oh my god it hurt so bad
I can’t take my pain meds right now because I am so sick to my stomach… I don’t now why
it could be the meds. but other wise I am ok…


i am sooo glad it worked for you.
i had it done on both sides and it did not work for me.
it gave me an internal cramping and pain when the interstim was turned on . i had both sides done at once for the trial.
i had the wires removed on may 10 and i am healing pretty well. but am bummed out that it didn’t work because i urinate constantly and can’t sleep.
Take care and very happy for you that it worked. it does help some folks … you are fortunate and very blessed. enjoy your sleep and best of luck.

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