I have a partial tear in the rotator cuff and live 40 miles

I have a partial tear in the rotator cuff and live 40 miles from any physical therapy clinic. I am also disabled on fixed income. Any sugestions on how to help it heal.

Thanks for your reply but I am looking for a hospital by name that can do surgery on my shoulder
that requires the reattachment of the muscle by the shoulder blade by what the doctor said was a
"Patch". Ernie

The only thing I know to help a tear is surgery. If u r on disabilty your insurance should pay for the surgery and your p/t after surgery. I know my daughter is on disabilty and they will even supply her with transportation. Make some phone calls to your SSI or SSD and see what they will do for you. They wont offer it unless u ask for it.

You would prob have to find a specific dr who does it that way. When I had
my surgery to reattach the R/C, I found the Dr - and then he told me where
he operates.

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Since My 1st e/mail I have visited WVU hospital and they say all that offer is shoulder replacement
and that there would be limited movement because there are some muscles torn loose but I can move it
As always with pain. If anyone knows of a hospital that offers repair surgery please e/mail the
information to me. I have not to have replacement: Ernie

I had a ‘scope’ done on my shoulder and had a torn rotator cuff and torn labrum fixed 3 years ago. It isn’t one hundred percent, but they cleaned everything out and i almost have full range of motion again.

The surgery was covered by my insurance company, although you’ll have to prove to a doctor that it’s somehow impeding your ability to work/live your daily life. I know it’s painful so I hope you find a solution!