I have found the reason for my vulvadynia

Yes it is true. I know why I feel this way. I have suffered 18 months and I have pin pointed my cause. I am trying to get the word out to other sufferers. I will outline it below.
We feel pain b/c we are out of balance with regards to our PH
and we can not metabolize weak acids
PH should measure between 6.5-7.25 I can feel when I am too acidic and too alkalized. I feel it in my Vulva
So what do you do? Here is what I did to get better
First go get PH stix or litmus paper to measure you PH in your urine. A health food store should have these or online at Ph-ion.com (i think that is the site)
Eliminate from your diet: coffee, tea (not herbal), soda, club soda, alcohol,fruit juice, refined sugar, as little yeast as possible, dairy (butter is okay) fruit (except bananas) all types of pepper (including table pepper)broccoli, kale
WEAK ACID ALERT: All fruit except bananas have weak acid, including lemon and lime. Pre packaged food also uses weak acids for preservative and tast enhancement. Stay away from these. Citric acid and Abscorbic acid are in alot of prepackaged bread and foods.
Enjoy: All other green vegies minus those above, carrots, beets, whole wheat (as long as there is no added refined sugar or weak acids) animal protein in moderation and eaten with raw or lightly steamed veggies. Potatoes with skin(no cream or milk!) nuts, almonds are the best, other nuts are acidic but strong acid so eaten with veggies it’s okay. Seeds are okay but look at prepackaged ingredients. Ph balanced water only. Evian, Figi, Evamore are great. You can check you tap water with water testing strips from a pool store. If its PH is 7.0 or better it is fine. Water consumption in vital but it must be balanced water. Dried fruit okay but in moderation, I eat it as a treat with some almonds. Peppermint tea is great too!
Journaling: This is a must. The better records the less pain because you can tell what bugs you.
After a while you might be able to add some foods back either periodically or more regularly. It depends on your body. I can now have a little raw sugar in my homemade whole wheat bread. But not everyday.It took you a while to get sick it’s going to be awhile to get better. Hang in there.
The more disciplined you are the better the results. If you feel pain over the counter anti acids are good for discomfort. They work! But again try to be careful with your diet. The cleaner you eat the better the results. Feel free to ask any questions. Good Health Laura

Thank you Laura. I will try this and see what happens. So good to know
these things and I really appreciate the info.


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