I have Hep C, and absolutely no idea how I contracted it

Ihave Hep C, and absolutely no idea how I contracted it. I feel fine and have no symptoms, but I found out 3 weeks ago that the only thing to extend my life is a liver transplant. I hadn’t been to a doctor for 20 years ‘cause I wasn’t sick, and didn’t have health insurance. I consider doctors (especially HMO’s) as blood sucking opportunistic money hungry assholes. Does anyone have any real stats’ that support the fact that I’ve been dying for 20 yrs and never been sick other than an occasional cold or flu?

Hey stanleynuke,

I can only imagine how surprized you must of been. And your probably racking your brains out trying to figure when and how this happened. Unless you can recall up to at least 20 years ago I would just accept the fact that this is and seek your options and work at them. It is a very silent illness. I’ve had for approx. 20 years and yes I always felt fine. That is until I went on treatment which I find to be quite ironic. And if it wasn’t for another ailment that has me in a doctors care I probably still wouldn’t know either. But I do hope you get things worked out for you and that you put yourself on whatever list you need to be on. Stay in touch. Sorry it took so long to reply . It gets difficult to stay in touch with all things. but I will keep checking back for you. I promise.

Have you checked the diagnosis? False positives of Hep C are not uncommon.

I haven’t seen your previous messages, so you may have answered this question

Best wishes.