I need help to file form 504 for my daughter

Hi, My daughter is diagnosted with achondroplesia, and this year she is going to K and I just need somebody to advise me on how to deal with the school regarding the filing of form 504. Please help…do I have to hire a lawyer to fight for my daughter’s right? because the school is not coorprating with us. Thank you nounous

Hi there,
warmest welcome to the group!! A long time ago when I began school my mum had trouble with the principle…his thoughts were that I should attend a “special” school. My mum had my Paediatrician come to the school and chat to him… but I live in Australia and things may be different where you live.
You can also try the little peoples association of america (LPAA) if you are in the USA… they will most likely be able to give you help.

Good luck!!
let me know how you get on.

Hi Nousnous,

You have many legal rights with section 504. By law the school has to provide what your daughter needs. And they can not use money as a reason for not being able to provide what she needs. Don’t let them push you around. They have to help you… it’s the law. I suggest reading as much as you can about section 504 and learning all that you can so that you can be a good advocate for your daughter. Unfortunately it sounds as though you will have to be her most valuable advocate. But you may be surprised and meet someone in your school district that does respect the rights of children’s needs and help you with their support. There are many laws to help you. I often found that some school officials just didn’t really understand what the 504 laws were all about. So obliged them by give them copies of all the laws and suggesting that they educate themselves in the laws that they are supposed to know about and follow.

Unfortunately I also met a few school officials that just didn’t want to provide the services that they were suppose to. I dealt with those people more severely. There are many groups now that will help you and contact your school if need be. Usuallt just the threat of having a lawsuit against the school was enough to get them to comply with what they should be doing. But in going through this experience I developed a real hatred for anyone that knows a child has needs and willingly being against helping that child have those needs met. I just do not understand how anyone like that can live with themselves. Thank goodness there aren’t many people like that in this world… but I have met a few that I was forced to deal with. Just know that you have the law on your side… most shcools do not want to be sued because they refuse to provide services that they are legally mandated to provide. Read, learn, and educate yourself about your child’s rights and what you can do to help be their advocate.

Remember that you DO NOT ever have to sign an IEP/504 agreement at the meeting. Legally you can bring it home and think about it… add, delete, or change anything on it that you want to. DO NOT ever sign it if the school refuses to provide the services needed. The school receives extra funds for each IEP agreement they have in force… that is good incentive for the school to sign. BUT, just make sure that the agreement provides the services that your child needs.

Don’t let them discriminate against you… you have rights… fight for your child. Hopefully things will go smooth for you and you won’t have to be a fighter. Educating the school and school district on what their responsibility is a big part of this. Some just really do not know. Most will comply once they know what the laws say and what their responsibility is. Just know that if they don’t, you still have alot of power to help your child.

Don’t let them make your child do stressful exercise… PE… without them being educated in what your child’s limits are. Our school was insistant on having my Son jump off of a balance beam and land on a hard wooded floor with no matts, and climb that rope that goes to the ceiling with no matts. They shouldn’t have allowed ANY child to do that… matts are important for anyone! I went to the PE class everyday until they complied. Being the squeeky wheel is usually a good thing, just do it diligently and carefully. Don’t be a screamer or a desk pounder. Most school officails really hate that. Save that for when things are really bad. I only had to do it twice. Then they knew I was serious and I wasn’t going away.

I will give a website that will help you alot. There is ALOT of ggod our there now. When I went through this 20+ years ago there wasn’t info out there to help me know what to do… I learned by experience. That was harder for my Son. It should be easier for you now. Stay in contact with your support group/s, contact legal professionals if you have to. Your school will soon learn what their responsibility is.

Also… make sure your child needs special education because of learning delays and not because of her stature. I have seen a school that did this before. They assumed because the child was an LP that they were learning delayed. I soon corrected that thinking for them… an attitude adjustment so to speak :*). If your child simply needs things adjusted for her because of her size, that can be addressed in an IEP also… and I highly reccommend having an IEP even just for that. An IEP gives the parent enormous power to be able to acquire what your child needs. Don’t ever be afraid of an IEP… it is powerful tool for any parent. It can force an unwilling school or teacher to comply.

Here are the links:

There are three websites that will be the most helpful for you. They are Wrights Law, LD Online, and the National Center for Learning Disabilities. Read, read, and read some more. Educate yourself… for your child.

Wrights Law is an amazing website. Originally spearheaded by a husband and wife legal team, they have fought for children’s rights for decades. There is an enormous wealth of information here for all aspects of special education:

Pete and Pam Wright:

From Emotions to Advocacy - READ THIS!!!

Section 504 - Discrimination & Advocacy:

National Center for Learning Disabilities is great:

IDEA - Individuals with Disabilities Education Act - Parent’s Guide:

LD Online - More excellent info:

LD Online - Accommodations and Modification:

LD Online - Working With Your School:

LD Online - Parents Resources:

What is an IEP? Help with your IEP:

The Law, IDEA, No Child Left Behind:

This should keep you busy for a while… best of luck and Blessing wishes for you.


Hi Selchie,

I just wanted to thank you so much for all the info that you provided. We were very patient with the school and the SEd Coordinator, but once my husband mentioned a lawyer…then they started to do their job as it supposed to be…

You’re right once you know you rights by law nobody can take them from you.

Have a great day