I need to find someone that is co-infected to discuss txs with

I need to discuss co-infection tx with someone. I don’t know why it’s so difficult to find anyone about in this place. I am at my wits end …The co-infection I speak of is hiv/hepc.

Hi, I don’t enven know what co-infect means. But I’m happy to discuss. I’ve been stressed out lately. I learned I was positive about a year ago just after a divorce, a lay off, a nervous breakdown and alcoholism. I wanted and prayed to die. Its a long story and I don’t like to whine but dispite this I’m better. I go to AA, my nervousness is down, I’m taking HIV meds, and I got a new job.
Please write soon, I’d love to discuss.

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Do you mean both partners are infected or is there another meaning, like two conditions at once or what??? I have an HIV specialist that I can discuss things with if you need me to. As always, I am here to help… let me know what you need as far as information and I will get it for you…Beckey

Hey, Mark here. What is it exactly that you’re referring to?? If this is a place or site, We haven’t heard of it. Please explain further!! By the way, Tony & I celebrated 8 lovely, long years together on 12/07/07. December 14 made me halfway to 90!! I guess I get to join the “old fart’s club” now!!! Hehehe!! Write back soon. I’ll answer as soon as I get to read it!! Bye 4 now!! Hugs & Kisses 2 U!! Mark & Tony!

i am here for you you can join my site and we will help you.http://groups.msn.com/PositivePower

The co-infection I speck of is hiv/hep c. I know there are many out there. I even started a forum on the subject. But seems this group of folks are afraid to come out and seek or give support . I just don’t understand…So if ther is anyone that can help me with some questions please stop on by.

Hey this system is confusing. I,m not sure who I’m writing to. It used to be straight foward.

Arty,thanks for checking with me mate,thought I would not have someone to talk to this festive season.Im also
newly diagnosed,for a yeay now but am coping well despite certain fears that come along with this problem.But Im
positive and I hope you follow my way,no need to to think too much about It.



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Well tomorrow I will be re-starting my tx. God has amazingly dropped my viral load of my hep c from 11 million down to 5,000 and raised my t-cells from the 500’s to the 700’s. All this with no meds in just over 4 months. Now I can go back on my original tx and I am looking forwad to see what God has planned with all this. Last time I started tx my viral load was already at 10 million so I see this time as almost done even before i start!

You know what? I think my Doctor(s) said I have Hep C too.
But I think they said it is inactive. Whatever that means.
They’re not presently giving me any treatment for it.
Guess this doesn’t contribute much to your discussion then does it.

Hey Jorge,

Perhaps the Drs are saying inactive due to the fact that HIV meds will keep it in check. But be sure that when you have your bloodwork done that they also check your liver enzymes. Hep C can lay dormant for 20 years. But with a co-diagnosis depending on the strain it can hit hard when it hits. I’m not trying to scare you my friend , but one should always , irregardless of what the drs say, take all things into consideration. Hey my hep never had me feeling yucky until they put me on meds. Ironic isn’t it lol . Find out what strain of hep you have, I have 1A and then if you request a biopsy you can find out what stage you may be in. But whatever don’t just take the drs word as the final sday. Its your body, your health you have the right to know allll aspects of any illness, chronic or not. The fact that your doc wants you to wait to see how the new meds react before you look into disability has me concerned. Please keep me in touch…river