I think they are hives, but won't go away?

I have what appears to be hives on my lower stomach and very upper thighs, and between my breasts. Itching like crazy and very sore, burning feeling has lasted over a week. Doctor said it was contact dermatitis, gave me a shot of kenelog (steroid) and put me on prednisone. I had previously taken benadryl, used many topical treatments, and nothing is helping the itch and the steroids don’t seem to be touching it. Many places I’ve read about hives say they come and go in different places. Mine are in the same place and have been persistent. Any one else suffer from this?? Any ideas?? I can’t stop itching and bruises are appearing around the rash from scratching so much. No broken skin, dry skin, blisters or oozing - they just look like hives. Doc seems to think I’ve all of the sudden become allergic to my laundry detergent that I’ve been using for quite some time. I did have an allergic reaction to Tide about 10 years ago, with a rash from head to toe, and it went away by the end of the day after taking Benadryl. Nothing seems to help this overwhelming discomfort and itch. Any suggestions to help the itch??