Identical twins born with microphthalmia

Very sad situation, set of twins born with disorder. Parents having a difficult time adjusting and have no answer to questions because specialist can’t see them for 2 months. What advise or support groups are available? Father is Spanish speaking only.

How are the twins doing now?? I hope you found as I did that they are a blessing and have alot to offer this world!! If you haven't read it you need to Read The Jacob Bolotin Story! The Blind Doctor!! I'm not reader but this is very motivating and inspirational!! I found a copy on Amazon!! It really needs to be a movie! Hug the twins for Me! Many Blessings friends with Blind Blessings!

That would be fantastic. Thank you very much. My number is 949-472-2912 at work and i will be there in 30 minutes. If you leave me a way to leave you the families number maybe your husband can call at his convenience. THank you again

I would be happy to arrange a phone call with my husband with the father. He is Spanish-speaking and could possibly help them. Let me know how I can help…