Can you all tell me, how many of you have SBS kids that take Imodium (loperamide) on a regular basis?

My son has been taking imodium on a regular basis for over a year and a half because of SBS.

My son has been on Immodium since birth he is 23months now. Currently he is on 3ml 3x daily

My son has taken loperamide since he lost his intestines 18 months ago. He is 19 now. Luckily, it does control his diarreha. He takes 8 pills a day.

My daughter took loperamide for about 2 years and it helped tremendously. She was on it from when she was 15 months old. She took 5cc. a few times a day; usually twice. Life would have been easier if we had started sooner since she only had 20 cm of small intestine to work with! We are fortunate that she does not need it anymore; she is now 5 years old. She also took Culturelle, which I believe helped her gut a bit.

HI MY son is on loperimide 5mls x 4 times a day, hes been on it 18 months