Incontinence problems

Hi all, I've be diagnosed with MS for about ten years. I have an indwelling catheter because of urinary retention, and a catheterisable stoma because of bowel problems. I just wondered if there were others out there suffering from similar problems. How do you cope. I've been having a miserable time because of muscle spasm recently and could do with some cheering up.

I continually have bladder infections and have some incontinence. Am on Detrol LA right now.
I know that this is a major issue although I don’t have a cathader, bladder problems mess with you mentally and make you not want to go anywhere or always try to use the restroom because you get nervous.
I don’t know what advise to give you or the right way to cheer you up, but I will definitely pray for you.

There are some fantastic pads out there that hold cups of water in a gel
condition. So don’t give up going out and while you are out there think about
getting some good sun rays There may be a connection between sun and MS.

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Hi there, I just stumbled across this site while working and decided to check it here I am. I've been diagnosed w/MS for about 10 years now as well, and have only recently begun to experience some "potty" issues. Don't think you're alone! I can't even go for a walk without worrying that #2 might appear in some way...and any way it appears is awful, as you can imagine, or as you know.  With exercise being one of the few things we should do, and not having the means to join a gym, this is a pretty distressing issue. It's like I'm not "contracting back" to the closed position, or something to that effect. And the worst part is that the one time I got up the guts to mention it to my neurologist, he had no real response...just a blank.  How's that for embarassment and frustration?  Needless to say, I'll never mention it again. On the other hand, it is comforting to find that someone else out there has had the #2 prob...because from what I've read, all anyone ever talks about is #1. Am I right?

I do agree with you searching…I’ve had to leave work several times because of #2 problems…that is embarrasing, lol…

Hi Laura,

Have you ever spoken to your neurologist about it? Just wondering how he/she reacted, if they offered any advice or treatment, etc. p.s. thanks for sharing… : )

My nuero said that he never heard of that…and it was kind of end of discussion…I have since changed neuros, but haven’t brought it up to this one…I brought it up to my gp who is great and he told me to try taking 1 immodium pill a day to regulate me and it seems to help a bit…not completely though…

Laura: Sounds like exactly what happened w/mine! Good grief… Maybe I should try the immodium. I’m sure drinking all the am coffee doesn’t help me either…but need it because I’m SO wiped all the time! Take care.

I’m new to this section of the site. I am so glad to find others with those wonderful “potty” issues. I was diagnosed a year ago this Sept. Guess I have a lot to look forward to huh? Anybody out there worry about wetting thier pants if they laugh too hard?!

Not laughing too hard, but I cross my legs before I sneeze…even when standing, lol…Sometimes my 9 yr old will hug me hard and I get nervouse that I’m going to pee. My neuro put me on Detrol LA last year for the incontinence and it helps a lot

Thanks for responding to me Laura! I’ve read so many books and web sites and asked so many questions but nothing really answers the hundreds of questions I still have. Thank you very much!