Infertility Experiences

Please share your experiences with Infertility with the community.

My sister had complications in conceiving. So many times she aborted the baby. Now she is vulnerable. going to Europe for a treatment. She can afford it there. She had surrogacy in mind. Let’s see what she does after going there.

Hey there! I was declared infertile a few years ago. I have had serious depression ever since. I always dreamed of having a family. I don’t know why infertility exists in this world. However, I am planning to go for surrogacy. I chose a clinic in Europe. So far, I have had only consultancy sessions with them. But their staff was super supportive. I felt like family there. I am so excited to get my surrogacy started soon!

Hey, there dear Sandra!
I am very new here on this forum. I am here to seek help from people who can actually guide me with my issues. I am an infertile woman. I have been having some real hard times as well. But I feel really bad for your sister. You need to be there for your sister throughout. Just make sure that she is not alone at any point in time. Because being alone is going to depress her even more and she will not be able to come out of the trauma so easily. Well, to be honest, it is the best. I have a great suggestion for your sisters. I have recently gotten enrolled in this amazing clinic. They have the best panel of doctors. See if you need any help regarding the clinic’s name you can contact me. They will guide your sister accurately about all the treatments. Wish you all the best!