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My 28 month old Grand daughter Rylie has C-ACC. Currently she has meet all her developmental mile stones, she is extremely small 21 lbs.
Recently she has been showing some agressive behaviors a bit extreme for the typical two year old. I know she is in her terrible twos. One episode I personal experience recently first handed is I had set her dinner plate on the table for dinner, Rylie had been in a extreme foul mood since waking from her nap. I said “Rylie” come eat dinner with Grandma as I sat her plate on the table. She got down off the couch ran over to the dinner table and took her plate and throw it across the room with food flying everywhere. My daughter and I have noticed that these extreme foul moods happen most often when she awakes. You know she is in a extreme foul mood. This can happen in the mornings or after naps. I am wondering if this could be a neuro thing in stead of a typical terrible two’s??? I have an Associates Degree of Science in Early Childhood Development and Education. I also have raised 4 children of my own. Her behavior seems a bit extreme to me. Just wondering if anyone has insite to the behavioral problems that children with this condition deal with.

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Rylie’s Grandma Marcy

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My son is six and does experience mood swings. He is on medication to help with this. He has also had what I think are anxiety attacks. They are so much more than tantrums and he seems so beside himself that I can not calm him or please him. The only thing that helps is to put him in a safe place, such as his bedroom, where he can’t break anything or hurt himself and just let him be. It seems that he has to figure out how to soothe himself. Is your grand-daughter’s language on schedule? Some of her frustration may be that she cannot communicate what she wants or doesn’t want to do at any given moment. Sign language or picture cards could help with this.

Another perspective is that our children rely on schedules to help understand the world around them. If the same things happen each day at the same time - they are a little less stressed. If your grand-daughter is one that likes schedules you may try a timer after her nap. When she wakes up you can set the timer for 20 minutes for her to reajust. When the timer goes off- then she is expected to participate in lunch or what-ever else is going on. We use a timer to cue our little one so he doesn’t feel that we are setting so many limits. For instance, I set one before bed. I tell him - you have ten more minutes of play time, but when the timer goes off, then it is time for bed. And when the timer goes off, he gather’s his toys and goes off to bed without complaint. It makes things so much easier!

I have tried to figure out my own child and whether he is introverted or extroverted and I honestly think he is both. He has moments when he needs space and doesn’t want to play with others or even be where other kids are being noisey. Then there are other times when he can’t wait to be in a room full of other kids. He loves school and play groups. Recognizing when he needs quiet time has really helped us.

You may also ask the doctor about the quality of sleep your grand-daughter may be getting. My son slept fitfully and snored until we got his adnoids removed. He was also very small - he weighed 18 lbs at 18 months old. The adnoid removal helped him keep from gagging on his food too. But now he sleeps much more soundly and is usually very happy when he wakes.

I hope these thoughts have helped. Please let me know what you think.


I’m sorry, do you want to tell me your story?
I have an almost 9 month old baby with complete agenesis of the corpus
callosum, we fount out when she was 5 1/2 months old… let me know if I can
be of any help.


Araceli Sandoval
9 month old Brianna’s Mommy
Complete Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum
Chromosome abnormality
Intestine Mal-rotation (corrected)
G-Tube/Feeding Tube
Severe Constipation
ALTE episodes (Apperent life threatning events) stops breathing and faints
Developmentally delayed approx 3-4 months

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