Intestinal transplant

As a result of Crohn’s disease I have sbs due to multiple surgeries. I have also had multiple line sepsis from TPN. I am a candidate for an intestinal transplant. Has anyone had any experience with the surgery or in a similar position as myself.


I realize it has been some months since you posted this. How are you doing? My son had a small bowel/liver/pancreas transplant back in November and I know the ins and outs. What were your questions exactly? In his case, he was born with Gastroschisis which means his intestines were on the outside of his body when he was born. Usually they can place them back in and everything will work out fine but in his case the intestines died somewhere in the process and they had to remove all but 5cm of his small bowel. He did not get transplanted until his liver failed at 9 months from the TPN. In his case, he has made a full recovery. He has been off of TPN since about a month after the surgery. He now receives feeds through the G-tube, but he feeds orally as well. He has had no incidences with rejection (knock on wood) and he had some complications w/vomitting afterwards but it has since cleared up. Feel free to email me at if you would like to ask personal questions, but I will check back here too! Good luck!

Ashley, mother to Azriel