Hi,I’m Rhonda. My mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer on Wednesday, after surgery to remove a tumor that had wrapped around the bladder. She has stage 3 c. She had her ovaries, uterus and omemmtum removed. She is in t e hospital right now, with an epidural with morphine (makes her itch and complains of creepy dead people in her dreams. I am a nurse, and usually become alerted when people talk of seeing past relatives in their dreams, but anyway). She is 75 years old, usually vibrant, but now they think she has pneumonia, which she might, her lungs sound awful. She has a gomco suction, and a cathetar. And an IV.Her gyn/onc is one of the more renowned in the city, possibly country).
Her story is this: She started having a noticable mass in the groin, in February, when I asked her to go to a gynecologist, and she went to her regular doctor, who sent her to an orthopedic specialist, who blamed her back. (Didn’t even pause when I asked if the area could have been her female organs). Then they MRI’d her hip, ct scanned her bacc, mri’d her ribs., and this was a few months into the situation. About then,I said, You need a trans vaginal ultra sound, and please go and see a gynecologist. She insisted on seeing her doc-(who took care of her mother, in 1975, who died of ovarain cancer, in 1 9 7 5, among other problems, 1975 is not 2007).
So, after three wrong mRI’s, I was about to jump in, blind fold her if I had to, and take her to a gynecologist, but one of the ortho specialist said, “Female organs?”(after my mom asked,) and the ortho doc said “Let me see.” then said, “uh oh,” (this was around July 30th)and referred her to the present doctor, who did the trans/vag ultracsound, and then remooved the tumor, it is a stage 3 c.
I can’t keep my step dad from going to the hospital, he is 85 years old, and when the doc said 6 months of the standard Car… …chemo, he thought the doc said 6 months to live. He is hard of hearing. He leaves the house at 6 a.m., and returns at 8 p.m., I told him I didn;'t need two sick people. So, that’s where I stand now. that’s why I am here. I’m 45 years old, with a 16 year old son.