I am just diagnosed with Iritis and prescribed Prednisone by my eye doctor and just wondering what this condition is and how I got it and how soon I can expect it to go away!

From what I’ve seen there is temporary iritis (I hope that’s what you’ve got) and a chronic type that comes and goes for years. People can get the chronic type from certain genes or what’s called idiopatic type (which I have), which is the “I have no idea why you have this”. You can get it in 1 eye or both. There doesn’t seem to be any new answers coming about iritis. Sorry.— On Wed 06/13, mkn1948 < > wrote:From: mkn1948 [mailto:]To: silver651@excite.comDate: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 12:21:00 -0400Subject: [iritis] Iritis