Irrigations and washouts

I was wondering what the purpose of irrigations and washouts were? My 22 month old was hopitalized and diagnosed with Enterocolitis. We stayed at the hospital for 5 days and during our stay he recieved 2types of antibiotics and IV fluids. The last day he was taken off of everything and he ws able to eat. When we came home everything was great. We had about 3-5 bms that were of a decent consisitency and NO cramping. We’ll it started again last night, the cramping and diarrhea is back. I am at a loss… We have changed his diet and I am giving him probiotics. I can’t figure out what else to do. We are going to see the surgeon tomorrow for a post hospital follow up. I also want to include that they did an x-ray with fluid to make sure that my son did not have any type of obstruction or any sort of mechanical issue. The test indicated that he did not. So why the constant bouts of diarrhea and cramping. I was wondering if irrigations/washouts/enamas would help, no one has mentioned them to me, but I have read about them in posts. Any advice would or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!!

I am surprised they didn’t do irrigations with the dx of Enterocolitis.

Irrigations totally help when one is going through Enterocolitis to remove the stool from the body to help get rid of the bad bacteria. The more the bacteria sits there the more the infection is there. Many docs use irrigations before Enterocolitis has really set in to kinda help to prevent it from getting too bad.

Hope your lil one recovers quickly.