Is anyone looking for discount medical and dental savings plan

I got a job online working for a discount medical and dental company. Its called the premiere health care and dental savings.
I think its good and i plan on signing up.

The Health care plan:

Has no medical restrictions.
It also covers elective and cosmetic procedures.
You get immediate savings.
You get 30% savings on health (visits and so forth)
You get optical prescription coverage no limit annually on contacts or glasses
You get up to 50% on prescription drugs including generic brands and you can use it and cheap stores like Walmart.
You can go to specialist with no referrals.
And if your already getting treated for a condition you can still use it, it doesn’t matter.
most of all it covers accidents it covers 2,000 in hospital and all you have to pay is $100 deductible.

Dental plan is 60-80% of coverage
vision is 50%
covers cosmetic and elective procedures

Benefits of plans

If you sign up for medical you get a free prepaid phone after 30 days with 250 minutes and for each month you continue on you get 250 minutes every month.

Benefits of dental and vision
You get unlimited contacts and glasses.

Benefits of both plans

Your entered to win a 4 person giveaway to Disney land including hotel and vouchers.

The Medical Plan is the same price whether you have a family or are single. Its 52/month for 2 adults and any children under 18. But you have to pay a registration fee of $107 dollars.

The Dental is $24.95 with one time $65 registration fee.

For more info. call 1-.
And make sure to give pal reference#276078
Thank you i appreciate the support and you’ll appreciate the benefits.