Is it lupus?


Hey, im 23 and live in glasgow. I was diagnosed with lupus (they didnt tell me which type) in oct 2006. A couple of weeks later i started getting pains in my arms, hands, legs and feet. The pain is really hard to describe which really frustrates me!

I have red circle-like spots all over my face and wear spf 60 every day. Because im getting seen on the nhs, i have to wait 6 months at a time to see consultants. no one has really told me that the pain is caused by lupus.

I had a biopsy done which confirmed the lupus, but i just feel like ive been left hanging.

One thing that i havent told my gp ( who doesnt know anything about the condition!) is that i smoke grass. i have done for many years for my own reasons. I* worry that this could be causing my pain. I read a post on here that mention short term memory loss- which i suffer from- and now i dont know wether this is the lupus or because i smoke grass?!?

Any thoughts or help would be great!..:slight_smile:


Hi linzipd,

This is Shar. I'm new to CarePlace but I know a bit about lupus and I agree with Mel 2006. Lupus seems hard to diagnose but once the symptoms are rounded up and identified, the next step is to learn how to cope with them.

Mel's advice about a Rheumatologist is right-on but ask questions first and find one who has real-life experience with lupus and lupus patients, not just the medical background. Even then, it can be iffy. The first doctor may not always be the keeper.  

Once, I went to a rheumy I loved right-off but had my high hopes dashed. She seemed knowledgeable but declared me to be in full remission, saying I could “go run in the sun with no effects”. Yeah, sure! First, my symptoms were raging, so, no remission there. Second, even in remission we can’t follow such outlandish advice or - poof - remission gone and flare in fiery flames. My rsponse? Poof - I was outta there!

It's also possible that, even though your sunscreen is nicely powerful at 60 SPF, it might not be hypoallergenic and might be causing some of the spotting. Please check the bottle or tube's list of ingredients. You know, we're allergic to nearly everything synthetic and even some things that aren't, such as, sometimes, wool and plenty of foods.  

Our best protection is accurate information, used wisely. I recommend you check out sites such as The L U P U S web site (LUpus Patients Understanding & Support) and the Lupus Foundation of America (LFA)

I’m a lupus medical researcher and writer and have done some writing on the clinical studies into nutrition and how it affects lupus. So much good came out of these studies that it always hurts me to realize how few of us even know about them considering how much of a difference their results can make in our lives. You can visit my site and read Lupus and a Wolf-Wise Diet for info drawn directly from those clinical studies. With any site, just investigate their information, if they have forums get to know some of the people there and see what ideas they have to offer and how they work for you.

I wish you better health!