Is Microphthalmia inheritable?

hey all

does any one have an idea whether microthalmia can be passed on to children??

i have micopthalima in my right eye and wanted to know what’s the chance that i have a child with it?? is more than any person??

I know that there is no history of micropthalmia in my family and the research that I have seen there’s no definite link that this is genetic.?

Hope that helps a little



I have unilateral microphtalmia and the genetist told me than unilateral ones are often produced by an error during eye development and in rare cases caused by a lazy gene.


My son has bilateral microphthalmia and the doctor’s told us that there was a 50/50 chance that his children would have it.


I am researching Microphthalmia for a college. According to all the research papers i have went through, it can be a hereditary disease. Depending on what gene is affected. It can be autosomal dominant, autosomal recessive, and X-Linked. Even if no one previous in the family has had micropthalmia it can still happen. If a mutation in the gene code happens on the right gene. So what i have kinda concluded it all depends on what gene you have that is affected if it will be more likely to affect your children.

This is just what i have concluded from all my research and i am not a doctor just trying to get a bachelors in biology.

Hope that kinda helps.

I would suggest going to a geneticist.

I know of 2 families where the adult had children with A/M. One is a father with unilateral anophthalmia, their first child was fine but his second daughter was born with the same. Third child I think was ok too. One mother with bilateral micro had 2 children with the same.

My son is 10 now and about 8 years ago we saw a geneticist and had tests done. They told us since we had one child with unilateral micro that each pregnancy we had a 25% chance of another child the same. (Jacob was our 4th and last child), but they also stated that micro has become dominate with him and his chances of having a child with same is 50% now. One topic we will have to deal with with him in his future…

This is just my observations with what I have seen.