Is My Daughter Suffering From This Condtion?

hi my daughter has had intestinal trouble since age four she is now seven. She complains of stomach pain and is indeed doubled over most mornings. She seems to improve when she cuts out bread and pasta etc. I am trying to work out if she has celiac disease. Where would be a good place to find out more esp about children. The doctor has done some tests which seem fine. Is this hard to diagnose?

It can be, usually the surest way is to take a biopsy.
There also people that do not have celiac diease but have a very sensitive stomach otherwise and react to gluten.

You should try to find a association near You, they can
help you find a specialist.

I tried to send You a e-mail cannot do it.
I would like to know more why you think it is celiac D?


 hi i guess I don't know for sure but she has from a lot of the symptoms. She suffers from gas and recurring abdominal bloating and pain.  She has constipation each day and is tired a lot.  I   guess it has gone on for so long it seems normal now.  She is a great little girl and does not make a fuss about illness or anything.  Apart from in the mornings when she wakes and today she was lying on the floor in pain and i am just frustrated as we have been to the doctor and he can't find anything wrong.  I am not one of these obsessive mothers and truly feel there is something not right.