Is there a cure for vulvodynia?

is there a cure for vulvodynia ?

Hi, I am a Vulvadynia sufferer and have found a cure and more importantly a cause. It is very hard to get the word out. I am writing a book but publishers tell my I need proof that this works so I will tell you my solution. Of course there is more detail but for space purposes I will give you it in a nutshell:

  1. The problem is twofold, one is that our PH levels are off and two we can not metabolize weak acids
  2. You must eliminate (for now) the following from your diet: coffee, tea (not herbal), soda, alcohol, fruit juice, all fruit (especially berries and citrus bananas are great), refined sugar, as little yeast as possible, all dairy with whey (butter is okay, yogurt is bad)all types of peppers, broccoli, kale, tomatoes.
  3. Add only PH neutral or elevated PH water,(ie. Evian is great, Evamor has a high PH, Figi) Some mineral water lists the PH on the label any PH over 7.0
  4. Get PH testing strips for your urine, test in the morning (you will probably be acidic that is normal) then test everytime you pee for awhile. You want to measure between 6.5-7.5. Vulvadynia sufferers feel too acidic and too alkalined!
  5. Keep a diary of what you eat and the Ph you get after you eat it.
  6. Look at labels, weak acids are in a lot of prepackaged foods. weak acids commonly found in prepackaged foods are citric acid and absorbic acid. Please don’t consume those foods. You might be PH balanced but still feel discomfort that is probably due to a hidden weak acid.
  7. This restriction might not be forever. As you heal you may be able to add some food back on occassion.
  8. If you have vulva discomfort you can take an over the counter anti acid. I take Galvascon 3 tabs. It works!!!
  9. Everything you put in your mouth must be accounted for including vitamins and supplements. I stopped mine for a while. They can effect your vulva if they have weak acid!!!
    That is it for now. I know it’s alot but I truly feel you will get relief if you are disciplined. If you cheat you will feel it. The more you get balanced the better the results. I have been doing this for 5 months and am almost 100% symptom free! I feel great and can resume all intimate activities, wear jeans and exercise! Let me know. Laura


Thanks for taking the time to send such detailed info!

I am confused…my doctors have told me that I have vestibulitis
because of 1 specific area where the nerve endings are VERY close to
the surface…this is a completely different reason than the one you
describe. Do you have any thoughts on this?

Thanks again.


Hi Mary,

I was told by two different Doctors that I have Vestibulitis Vulvodynia. I
was never told it was the nerve endings. I was told that it was inflammation
of the tissue in the Vestible, the opening of the vagina and inflammation of
the urethera. However, I agree it must be nerve endings. I have tried
steroid shots, creams, lidocane, and now they put me on another steriod creme and
a testerone creme, plus neurontin. I am just starting this. I was told if
all else fails I will need a vaginal enhancement surgery and I am trying to
avoid that at all costs. However, I live with burning pain everyday and have not
had relief in months. I just got back from four days in Cabo San Lucas and
it was amazing that I had no burning there at all and one day after I
returned it came back and has not left.


I beg you all to be careful with injections and surgery. think about this logically. This is a systemic illness-which means your whole body is involved. You, we, are not a car and the doctor is not a mechanic. we are not just parts. You body is screaming, the burning, pain, that something is wrong. I would urge you to try this before putting more drugs(that usually make your situation worse by throwing off your PH) into your body. It can’t hurt. It is healing with food. A lot of western doctors don’t push this for a few reasons:

  1. There is no scientific proof-But I beg to differ, there is a ton of proof regarding how an imbalanced PH can cause illness and pain, the connection between PH and vulvadynia has not been made until now.
  2. It would slow down there business! I am not suggesting all doctors are in it for the money but I have been to a few who poo-pood my healing and wanted me to make another appointment-8 months later I am healed.
    Regarding your particular problem. I have vulvadynia not vestibulitis. But if it were me I would try this. Especially if you have a burning sensation as a symptom. I have a theory that you experience pain in certain areas because of acid build up in the tissue. Much like lactic acid in a muscle after a hard work out. It’s only a hunch. I am not a doctor and again there is no proof directly related to vaginal issues. But I have read almost every book on PH and I am convinced there is a strong connection! If it is what you have you will feel relief really soon. I felt relief the day I started it. Then I got better slowly over the months. Now I only feel discomfort right b4 my period (hormones effect digestion!) and when I eat weak acid without realizing it. Let me know. Laura

will this diet still work if you have bad pain with stabbing rawness itching aching type pain