Is there a support group in Austin, TX

Is there a support group in Austin, Tx. I’ll be moving there in a few weeks and will need some new supporters.

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You’ll be moving here? To this area? There are some support groups, bu=
its funny you should ask this. A good friend of mine who also has ovaria=
cancer are just getting ready to start up an offshoot of the Ovarian Canc=
Alliance of Florida in The Villages. If you give me an idea of where you
will be located, I can help you find a group=0D
Tracy =0D
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9 rounds of Doxil - current treatment=0D
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The Villages, FL=0D
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Great. Our house is in Allendale neighborhood, Cavileer Ave. Under 3 miles
from my daughter & her family and (in a different direction) from the Dr. my
insurance company selected for me.

We’ll be moving in the week of July 4.

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