It's about time!

In this last week, I have been seeing commercials on TV just for Fibromyalgia. The first one was telling how they found a medication to help…Lyrica. Well, that didn’t work for me “2 years ago”. The second one now shows people doing everything things with a colored area when the pain is. I’m so glad to finally see FIBROMYALGIA info on TV. I get to point to the TV and say ‘that is what I have’. I live in Houston, so has anyone else in other states seen these commercials? I hope these commercials are showing everywhere. It’s about time!

louie007 ,

I live in Pa. and have seen the commercials.

I live in Florida and have seen these adds. I think it is great to to beable to see that what you are going through is finally on the T.V. and being treated with something. I can’t take Lyrica I’m on meds. that won’t allow me to be on it, But my daughter takes it and says it works wonders for her.

Ive seen a couple different tv commericals. It is refreshing to see the disease being recongized.