Ivf cost

My husband and I have been ttc for 3.5 yrs we have tried pretty much everything except ivf. (because of the price) I was wondering how you guys who have been through the ivf cycles more than once have been paying for it??? I know where I am 1 cycle is between $10,000 and $15,000. I have already spent about $10,000 on 8 AI… meds, hypnosis, accupuncture ect. Do you pay $10,000 each time?

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Hi Pink,
My DH and I are in the midst of our 2nd cycle of IVF. The 1st fresh cycle failed aswell as the frozen cycle. The cost of IVF here is about $10,000.00 a cycle (wow, that’s a lot of zeros) We happen to have a line of credit that we use to pay for it. Before we started this process we discussed how many cycles we would do etc. and we settled on three. IVF is not for everyone. If we didn’t have good paying jobs, family, or a line of credit we just wouldn’t be able to do it. Sometimes we joke that we would rather renovate our kitchen!!! But we are confident with our decision to do IVF and hope that this cycle wil bring us the baby(ies) that we so very much want.

Hello there, I’m glad that you are struggling with your treatment. Yes, some people could not get their treatment as they cannot afford them or are unaware of the pacakages offered by some good clinics. IVF is an expensive treatment but I had heard a clinic in Europe is offering packages for middle class family. It made me feel so happy that such helpful clinics still exist. Contact them as soon as possible and best of luck for your treatment.