Jest need to vent

Help! I think that I am going crazy.

Today I had to use my mother vehicle to pick up my daughters bi-polar medicine, I was having problems with my vehicle, so I used hers. Well when I got home she locked me out of the house. Then I finally got my daughter to let me in, then my mom started sulking, wanting to know why I took her car, so I told her, then she accused me of stealing her money(yeah right) then she told me that the reason why I have so many migraines is because of guilt from stealing from her.

She is so negative, it makes me sick. Everytime I try something or suggest something only negative crap comes out of her mouth. I just cannot take it anymore. I have set a deadline of when I will move out and leave her on her own, then she can only blame herself for everything that goes wrong.

Then her favorite boys take care of her! LOL

Even medicine isn’t helping me stay calm

Hi KitKat,

It sounds like you best bet is to move out. Then that way she can’t acuse you of any thing. Is there any where were you can go to just get some piece and quite? So that way you can disappear for a while and try and calm down. Maybe you could start a hobbie to keep you busy. Just a sugestion. Have you tryed walking away when she acuses you of this stuff and go to your room or go outside for a little while for things to cool off. Some times that helps to. But like I said before your best bet is to move out.

I understand your frustration. My Mother has dementiia and has accused me of stealing a coffee mug! go figure. I don’t even live with her. So understand you are dealing with someone who hasn’t got all their marbles.
There us usually a service FREE for caretakers of alzheimers patients where they will send someone to watch your Mom so you can get out and about. It’s through social services I think it’s call RESPITE ! You might check that out.
I send you lots of hugs and support as you are doing a thankless job.
You are a good person, don’t forget that