John boulderstone

I have recently been diagnosed with relapsing remitting ms and altough i havnt gone into alot of research, i have stumbled across a website called the john boulderstone technique. He claims that he can stop ms in its tracks! I did book an appointment with him for a discussion (which is free) but have chickened out as after your free consultaition it then costs 350 pounds to do the course and 100 pounds every time you see him after that. I am desperate to find somebody who has had this treatment, who is no way connected to the clinic, and get a genuine oppinion, please help!!

Never heard of it, but I do know diet and supplaments can be very improtant, especially B12 and vitamin D.

MS, as far as I know can not be cured, just put into remission or controlled.


I asked my relative with MS and my Great Uncle said this about MS and diet:

At some time, probably about 1980, Rita heard about a diet promoted by Roger MacDougal, an English playwright who had MS. He had a layman’s approach. He thought that the same factors which cause other major diseases like heart trouble, diabetes, cancer, and cystic fibrosis. He advocated avoiding gluten, the protein in wheat, rye, oats, and barley. He recommended a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and nuts with a reduced consumption of meats and more use of fish. Avoiding gluten was the hardest part. I made bread for her using potato flour. She ate a breakfast of cooked unbleached rice with milk and fruit and had the same thing as a dessert at supper. She persisted in the diet the rest of her life even though the MS society and the people she met in support groups did not think it was effective in minimizing the effects of MS. It was a healthy diet and I think that was important for her.

I think only you know how your really feel inside emotionally, but i do think that if you are leading a healthiest lifestyle as possible your thinking turns more positive because you fell healthier, and in turn everyone around you reacts in the same way, dont get me wrong, when i was diagnosed a month ago my world fell apart, along with my partners life and everyone elses, especially as we are getting married next month it couldnt have come at a worse time, the stress of planning everything for the wedding has got the blame for this relapse, I told eveyone not to be upset around me as it would bring me down and thats a vicious circle. but now my thinking has turned a corner and its not going to beat me, im popping pills till i rattle and going to see the homeopath was a really positive move for me as it has dulled the numbness in my legs. I am a nanny looking after two five year olds 11 hours a day 5 days a week so i can totaly understand where you are coming from on that thought, you just have to do what you can when you can, i know you feel guilty about not doing as much with them, but children are alot tougher than we think and they will understand when they are old enough. sorry! going now have ramble for long enough.