Just want to be the best Mom

Hi everyone,
My son is 1 month old, and he has Achondroplsia. He wasnt diagnosed with this until after he was born. I feel so unprepared. I was wondering if there are any Mom’s out there who can give me advice on how they get thru the first couple of months. Right now I am so worried about my baby, and I just want to do the best by him.
Thanks for your advice in advance

Hi! I am mom to a 16 month old boy with achondroplasia. Please feel free to contact me at http://blogsmonroe.com/disability


I am not a mother but i am a dwarf and i would say you will do just fine. I dwarf child is not much different raising a normal child. Sure there may be a different technique to hold or caring for them but in the end all they need is you and the love you can provide. I have many conversations with my mother and how she was able to raise me as well as she did. She always says that she just loved me and everything else just fell into place.

I would suggest researching the specific type of dwarfism your child has and make sure to talk with doctors that specialize in dwarfism. I myself used the Shriners Hospital for most of my medical issues. They are free for the first 18 years of your childs life after that you would have to find another specialist.

Just dont worry and give as much love as you can, and always support him when he is older. Being a dwarf has its challanges but it also has many benefits always help him see the good even though sometimes it will be difficult.

Hope this helps,

Hello! I have a 7 month old baby boy with Achondroplasia! I wouldn’t say I have all the answers, but I do feel like we have come a long way in understanding what out beautiful boy needs! If you have any questions please feel free to email me! I also have a blog just like Tonya! There are a few of us on the web with them… www.johnsonfamjourney.blogspot.com

I hope we can help you!!