If I test positive to being a carrier should I take the risk and have kids?

I would suggest first seeing a geneticist to see if you do carry MTM. Then you need to keep in mind that, if you are a carrier, every son you conceive has a 50% chance of having MTM. And every daughter you conceive has a 50% of being a carrier also. If you find out that you are a carrier and do want to have children, it might help you to educate yourself about MTM and also talk to mothers whose children have this. As a mom of a boy with MTM, I can tell you it’s very challenging, but at the same time I feel so blessed by Reid, and I’m very thankful for him. He’s also very slowly improving over time and with a lot of physical therapy. It’s work, but for my husband and me, it’s worth it. Ultimately, this decision is one you and your future spouse have to make for yourselves. Basically, I recommend getting as much knowledge as you can about MTM so your decision will be an informed one.

thank you for your in put. I just saw my genetisist a little while ago but I haven’t been tested yet. Thank you.