Laser treatment for Becker's nevus

I've been following the discussion for a while, and now I'm going to try laser treatment for my BN. I already had 2 sessions of Fraxel laser for a small testing area, but no improvement. I will have one more next month, but feel very disappointed about that. Has anyone tried Fraxel laser, please share your experience.

Good luck. It must be 10 years since I tried any type of laser. Hopefully your laser will work and we can all try it. Please keep us updated!

Let us know of your results. Much appreciated.

Just chiming in to say good luck! I’ve tried C02, ER:YAG, and I’m pretty sure I’ve tried Fraxel. Its been a couple years.

The C02 didn’t do anything for me, though I didn’t stick with it very long at all. I believe the er:YAG would work, but my doc didn’t have it on a high enough setting to hit deep enough–and he wanted to test other lasers. I seem to remember the fraxel doing a little bit of lightening, but it was hard for me to monitor progress and after a couple months, life got busy and I stopped going.

I recently started trying some laser-alternative methods. I’ll post results if I find anything that works!

Thanks for the update mia11. Hang in there. We'll all find something someday

To update, I've got 4 sessions of Fraxel and then another 4 sessions of Q-switched laser over the last 2 years.  Sadly both did not work on me.