Lasix anyone?


Hi all!

Well, I have had some pretty wonderful days, low pain, slept, was eating ok, but TODAY WHEN I woke up, I looked like a PUFFER FISH!!!

My fingers were so swollen they looked like sausages, my face looked like i climbed out of the boxing ring with Mohamedali. my feet and ankles were stovepiped and I HURT EVERYWHERE!! So much for the good days.
To the DR I went, he put me on Lasix 40 mg 2 x a day amd potassium, just wondering if the swelling has ever hit anybody this bad?

Let me know!
Signed Heidiluwho aka NEW PUFFER FISH! HAHA!


Hi Hiedieluwho!

Yes, the swelling has hit me that bad. I have found it generally to be food-related. I am already on a gluten-free, wheat-free diet (no noodles, no cakes, cookies, bread, pancakes, anything with crust or breading, etc.), and if I keep to a minimum of meat in my diet with the emphasis on vegetables, salads, and fruit, my swelling is minimal. I do not drink soda either…only some pure juices, water, coffee and tea. Certain cooking oils, processed or highly seasoned meats, and a lot of cheese seem to trigger my swelling–it occurs almost instantly. I can feel my ankles tighten as I am eating…seriously. If I stick to salads, some soups, tuna salad, baked unbreaded fish, I do fine. I have never used salt as an additive in my diet (my whole life!) for some unknown reason too.

I will also mention that I blew up horribly after an allergic reaction to Naproxen as well. It was horrible and painful.

I do take a diuretic, hydrochlorothiazide (25mg), each day now, just in case. It is a very low dosage.

Hope you feel better soon!


Susan L. Grimshaw

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I took Lasix for a time, to no avail. It really didn’t do much of anything for me. Compression therapy deal with my swelling - even in my arms, when my legs were compressed. I guess it just got everything moving.

But often, my arms and legs swell independently from one another. My hands can be like mitts, and my ankles are slim and trim, and vice versa.

Goofy condition anyway!



puffy fish two to puffy fish one… come in… Lasix saved me. 40 mg once per day is all I need. I also drink over a gallon of water per day. My skin lately turns a bright pink when I am swollen odd huh? I stil Have my days if I eat out and get too much salt. My hubby and I try to eat salt free. for me because I blow up so bad and he has a heart condition, atrial fibrulation. My weight fluxuated during a test that the rhuematologist did on me 3 to 5 pounds per day over two week period. Once on lasix it stabilized. Good luck girlfriend!


The swelling is a big part of what makes me hurt, my feet and legs have started swelling more and more I feel the progression of this disease almost daily. This week my left arm has from shoulder to wrist has been especially swollen.

I am bad though salt has been very hard to for me to give up. I have always been a salt-aholic!!! I especially love salt on my citris fruit, like lemons, limes and grapefruits! I know is a no no but I crave it so bad. I can easily give up sugar but the salt is so much harder for me.

I take the HZTC daily in inside of my BP meds. But I take Lasix every two or three days just to help maintain the swelling. I haven’t had to take any potassium yet,


Yes, I swell badly too. I take lasix, but I have to skip alot of days because of my job. I need at least 3 hours nears a restroom when I take it.