LCH and DI

My 2 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with DI. She has LCH and is on chemotherapy. Anyone with a similar situation?

Zoey, may i ask what were her early syntoms and how did they progress? Larry

zoey wrote:

christy,thank you very much fir your reply. I am curious, did zoie ever appear irritable on cranky for any of the other than obvious reasons? Did you do an MRI early on or just CT scans? Larry

zoey wrote:

Hi Larry- Zoey’s early symptoms of DI were begging for water and
having lots of wet diapers- especially at night. She would literaaly
wake up in a soaked diaper and wet through to her bed. The early
signs of her LCH were swollen lymph nodes (2) that popped up
overnight under her armpit and in her neck. She was diagnosed after
removing one of the nodes and getting pathology report. She was
never sick, fevers, ect… it was very hard to process that we were
having to place our baby girl (16 months old at the time) on chemo
when she was not even sick! But the disease is there… and it has
returned in the form of a skull lesion whcih we found ONLY because of
doing routine CT scans! Hope this was helpful… Christy (Zoey’s mom)
On Jun 17, 2007, at 2:34 PM, Larry wrote:

She did not appear cranky/irritable that I can remember. I really
feel that we were so distracted by sudden large lymph nodes that
anything else probably didn’t get much attention. She has never had
anMRI- only CT/skeletal survey/ect… As for with the DI onset, she
was not noticeably more irritable… now that she has had the
symptoms for 3 weeks she is frustrated with the constant thirst.
Hopefully we will begin the vasopressin this week after some further
testing. Christy
On Jun 24, 2007, at 7:28 PM, Larry wrote:

good luck, many blessings, Larry

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