Let's hear it for Zofran!


I am chronic and I just can’t tell everyone here how wonderful Zofran is. I have a central line and I asked my doc if I could have Zofran at home and he gave a prescription to my pharmacy that does my TPN bags and here I am not feeling like a piece of crap. I love this drug besides the pain meds, I can say that this drug really works!!! I hope others can try it and see it’s for nasea and feeling like you have to vomit. (and do) It really helps. Best to all Laika


Oh my god…Zofran is the bomb. It is soooo awesome, I can’t even say. It ha none of the side effects of phenergan. Unfortunately I can only get it inpatient due to my insurance restrictions.
I think it is phenergan that has ruined by veins primarily, due to nurses who wouldn’t dilute it. I learned to deal with the burn to get relief from the nausea. Also, phenergan also makes me itchy and twitchy sometimes. Zofran just kills the nausea and that is it. Yeah Zofran!!!


Sounds like you are all on TPN - Zofran also comes as an ODT (orally disintegrating tablet) so even if you are NPO, you can take it. It is generic now as well (Ondansetron) and most insurance companies will pay for it with a limited supply (usually 9 tablets at a time). Comes as 4mg and 8mg. I found the 8mg works wonders but only if I catch the nausea before it is too severe. Once it has gone to the point of dry heaves, promethazine (phenergan) is the only alternative for me (which, of course, leads to all of the other issues but at least I am not dry heaving).


Nope. I have only had tpn for about a week, back when I was first diagnosed. I think there were many times I should have had it, but that is another story. I am a medi-cal patient, since I was a student and had no insurance. You have to be terminal with cancer to get zofran unfortunately.


I beg to differ with you, Kara! Zofran is NOT for the terminally ill. Anyone who has told you that is a damned liar! This angers me to no end how they try to mess with you and the rest of us because we NEED help more than most. Go back and tell the SOB who said this to you that I (yes, Anyse Joslin, (916) 364-1743 [anyone can call me, anyway!]) said so! Also the rest of you on Zofran tell Kara the same thing! I am pissed!

I know Kara’s story from way back and she has really been given the shaft for so long. Seek therapy and on and on and on. Shite!