Lichen planus


Is there any cover make-up that is affective for African Americans?


Hi Roxy,

There are brands of cover-up make-up designed for dark complexions, but I can’t thinkof any off-hand as I have never personally bought one. For good advice on different make-up brands I always recommend the books/website of Paula Begoun (aka the Cosmetics Cop), a chemist/cosmetician who has become the Ralph Nadar of beauty products. Check her recommendations, or spend some time wandering through the cosmetics department of your local store, and see what woks for you.

HOWEVER, I would NOT recommend using a cover-up make-up for active LP lesions, as in my experience it is vitally important to avoid as many possible irritants as possible. Long sleeves, long pants, fine. You can even find pantyhose with a purplish undertone that can help disguise LP when you must wear a skirt (wrist lesions are convenient for thsi as it makes it easy to test the colour against your own skin – not so easy/discrete to test over your leg. But make-up might make the LP worse, or slow down its healing.

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thanks for the response. i wear long sleeves, pants, pantsuites, long
dresses… now it it HOT. i am beginning to be a little more comfortable with 3/4
sleeves. sometimes i go sleeeves. but never to work. i tried a cover makeup by
fashion fair, it just didnt work for me. i’m still praying and hoping. still
do not know how i got this terrible skin “curse”

See what’s free at


I go thru the same thing. I recommend using covermark leg magic make up. I am african american and found it hard to find makeup to cover the scars left on my legs and arms but I brought a sample kit of covermark make and had to mix shades to make a color that matched my skin. The great thing about covermark is that if you wear a dress and sit down the make up does not come off or get on furniture. you can youtube it and buy the $10 sample kit to try it out but remember to blend the lighter brown with the darker to get your true skin color.