Lichen Planus

I have been diagnosed with Lichen Planus, and would like to find out what is new in terms of treatment, and what is helping others.

My name is Judy… from Mississippi. I have had this “rash” 2 years since
hip replacement surgery. I guess since I had both hips done in the same
couple months my immune system rebelled and gave me this awful rash. I had it all
over, and the derm suggested the tanning bed. That did help, but the
pigement changed where the rash was to a darker color. That wasn’t too bad, but
then my scalp broke out, and I lost much of my hair… the patches of lost hair
will not return. My hairdresser cuts it short, and it isn’t noticeable most
of the time. I have had it colored (like frosted without the dye touching
my scalp

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