Lichen Planus


I have heard that Lichen Planus can be helped with accupuncture. Has anyone tried that?


Hi Willie,

My name is Gerry, I am new at this support group. I have had hypertrohic lichen planus for 26 years and never knew what it was until about 1 month ago. I was diagnosed at U of M hospital. I have a very thick and rare form of LP and it is very irritating. I cant even begin to explain how severe my case is. I see pictures of other peoples LP and it doesn’t even hold a candle to how severe mine really is. U of M hospital has suggested that I begin phototherapy for 2 weeks, from 8 am to 3 Pm 7 days a week. I can only hope this will help. I had foot surgery about 3 years ago and in the incisions on my heel and toes LP grew into the incision and it never healed properly therefore I just received a wheelchair because I can’t walk very far or drive a car but just short distances. LP itches terribly, do you know of anything that helps the itch? I scratch until I bleed, and then it ends up all over my clothes. Well, I look forward to your reply maybe we could be of some support to one another to cope with this rare disease.



i would love to suggest something but i to have suffered for a long time.i
have tried photo therapy and just about every pill u can think of. the only
thing that works for a while is kenalog steriod,but you can only have them for a
while. let your body get some light and keep the streess down,try not to
worrie what other people might say or see,your special. kind regards jim from
taunton .


I know there is no known cure for our disease, but does kenalog help with the itching along with the imflammation? I have never heard of this medication. I will research through the Net, but we have to be careful when discerning what information is reliable and true. One website I visited said LP is common. If you call 1% of the popualtion havign this disease is common, this world is much smaller than I thought.


I also have Lichen Planus (orally)along with severe dry mouth. Ugh!! 

I am thinking Accupuncture as well.

Can anyone expand on their experience with this?

Best Regards-Beauty


Hay gwood-
I don’t know how you feel about us being in that 1% but it doesn’t matter does it? We have it and it matters to us because we suffer with it!


your right about that,but hay look on the bright side ,were special ,so
people who are ignorant to that can runand jump


Hello Beauty,
I am not aware of accupuncture being used on LP patients, but hey you never know. After all, I have never met a dark complected Black man tan until last week and that man was me, lol. I was admitted to the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor’s hospital last Tuesday. Initially, I was told I would be here a week, then it was the middle of next week and now it’s tommorrow. LP covers the majority of my body with thr exception of everything above chest. The light therapy helped my abodomen and my back. The doctors decided to send me home with assorted cremes, in addition to prescriptions. Well, it was worth a shot. Keep your head up beauty and remember, some people’s beauty is on the inside, unfortunately, people who look at a person’s physical appearance judge not the character. You are not alone.


I’m responding to a couple of things that Gwood mentioned, in no
particular order (and I must say I find the interface with this forum
to be VERY frustrating… maybe I’m not using the site right).

You say the LP on the soles of your feet is particularly stubborn. I
got some LP on the palm of my hand, and the Lyderm cream that had
been so useful on my skin was not helping. My dermatologist pointed
out that the skin on my palms was very thick compared to most of teh
rest of my body (and te hsoles of the feet is very much thicker!),
and so perscribed me the same drug (fluocinonide 0.05 per cent) in a
GEL base that is much more easily absopbed into the skin. This
helped. It’s a stretegy I suggest you discuss with your doctors.

Was it you who mentioned taking a sleep aid? Have you considered
taking Benadryl at bedtime. Benadryl is an antihistamine that makes
you drowsy, and may help with LP-related sleeplessness by both making
you drowsy at bedtime, and allieviating the itch a bit.

You mention that sweat makes your LP itch. Me too! At points I wanted
to scream at anyone who would say, “You have a skin condition? Just
take a long soak in the tub” because long baths (which I used to
love) had become almost unbearable. I found that if I could rinse
myself in a shower any time I got sweaty (just hop in, get wet all
over, hop out and use my softest towel to pat myself dry) this
helped. I’d suggest eliminating all potential skin irritants from
your life. Switch (if you haven’t already) to a
fragrance-and-dye-free liquid laundry detergent (and make sure you
use that on your sheets and towels as well as clothes). After you (or
whoever does the scrubbing in your house) washes the tub, rinse it
VERY thoroughly before you use it. Avoid clingy and synthetic clothes
as they will contribute to your sweaty moments (when the LP on my
ankles was particularly bad I had real trouble with socks! I stopped
wearing atheletic socks because they were like putting on sandpaper,
ditched any with visible elastic at the ankles, and found some flimsy
silk/cotton blend socks that weren’t too bad, so I used them as
liners inside heavier soocks when they weren’t enough).

With regarsd to people’s comments: My line was “I have a rash. It
isn’t contageous.” and I tried to wear clothes that covered the
active lesions when I was in the kind of social situation where I
didn’t want to deal with comments/looks.

Has anyone discussed trying the oral anti-acne drug Accutaine?
Consider askin gyour doctors to look it up in the literature.

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