Lichen Planus


Has anyone actually taken any of the oral herbal medications listed and have they actually been sucessfull with Lichen Planus of the mouth?
What medications were taken and for how long before results were obtained?


I am taking Plaquinil (Malaria drug) 200 mg twice a day. My hair was
starting to come out due to LP and I was really freaking out. I think my hair
(what is left of it) is sort of staying in, but now I am breaking out on my face.
I am not sure if the drug is starting to work… I have been on it about 2
months. Have to have CBC and other blood tests when taking it, as well as an
eye check for retinal problems. This is a scarey drug, but I was worried
about becoming bald, and I am female, after all. I had 2 hip replacements
done in one summer and the dermatologist thinks my immune system was overtaxed,
therefore the lp. It is a big mess, isn’t it!!

ps, my hips are great!!

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my entire body is “infested”. i have had lp for three years this month. i
am now starting to see some changes in my skin. i am a black female and i only
have been using natural herbal black soap also ambi even toned soap. i only
use shea butter purchased for an africian shop. hope the plaquinil works.

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i did not taken any medication. the derm suggested a skin lighten cream, but
being black , and the condition all over my entire body, wasn’t a good
suggestion. so i used natural black soap, shea butter, and palmer skin lighten
cream on my dark spots on my legs. i am beginning to see a different in my skin.
oh thank GOD!!! i couldn’t understand why i am like this, thought no one
else was going thru what i went and still going thru. i am glad i found this

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My whole body was infested for awhile… until the Dermatologist told me to
get in the tanning bed. That got rid of a lot of it, except the scalp. Then
I changed to another Dr., who was a woman. I thought she might worry about
my hair falling out more than the guy. She is the one who put me on
Plaquinil. I think the hair situation is better, but now my face is breaking out!!
Keep in touch, and thanks for responding. Maybe there is hope for us yet!!

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Hi again!! Can you buy the skin lightener over the counter? I finally
cleared up the rash from my body somewhat with the tanning bed last summer… but
where the rash was , the skin is darker and blotchy… not cute!! I wonder
if the skin lightener would work on these places!! Thanks for writing
before, and maybe we can all help each other! Have a great day!

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There is an excellent peer support e-site for LP on Yahoo. Have you checked out that? You will find a wealth of information.

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