Living with trigeminal neuralgia


I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m on a mission to delete “The sucide disease” that is referenced with any documents related with trigeminal neuralgia. I personally feels that this is something that people who suffer from this disease don’t need to read, we/they need hope, and doctors that are more educated about this disorder and more research!!!



I agree with you 100%. I was searching online for a solution to my pain and was soooo shocked and upset when I saw TN described repeatedly as the “Suicide Disease”. I thought I was going to be in pain forever and end up wanting to die. I cried for an hour. Good luck on your mission


I agree also. I wonder if the person who labeld this desease as “suicidal” even had it. Anyone who suffers with this surely would never present this with that name. We are all trying to survive, look for new answers to get out of this horrific pain. We need hope and support.