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I have had Secondary Addioson’s for three years. Mine is idiopathic. No one knows why I have it. In those three years I have been very sick. I have been septic, had peritonitis, had 6 heart surgeries and now have a pacemaker. I am in and out of the hopital so much I have no veins so they put a mediport in me. Does anyone elese have one? I have a few questions… I seem to suffer with pain a lot, is this normal? I have Migrains a lot too. I seem to vomit a lot. I never feel well. My family is sick of me being sick and want to know if I will ever be able to lead a normal life. I have very low energy and I struggle with my weight. I take 60mg of cortef a day. I have gained about 30lbs since being diagnoised and I hardly eat. I am looking for any words of wisdom. I do not know anyone who has Addison’s.

Hi Toni,

I also have Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency and I do know how I got mine. I was exposed to mold and the toxins infiltrated my organs and tissues. I am now being treated and I think I may be able to fully recover. There are many biotoxin illnesses and you may have one. Go to www.chonicneurotoxins.com to get more information. This disease is a multi-symptom multi-system disease. There is a simple test called the Contrast Sensitivity Test and it is non-invasive and tells you in five minutes in you have one. The problem is you may have a hard time finding a doctor but if you go to that website you will be able to get more information. If you want to read something on this I highly recommend Mold Warriors and Deperation Medicine by Richie Shoemaker, MD. Good Luck and let me know how you are doing.

I just took the preliminary test for chronci neurotoxins and it showed
positive. I was just wondering before I purchased the other test, what type
of protocol do they use to get you better. How long have you been on it?
Are your sytems going away and are you getting better. I have done a lot of
research and have never seen anything about this. How and what made you
sick. Have you figured that out, yet.

Mary Ellen

Oh, I have primary adrenal insufficiency and hashimote thyroidtis.

Mary Ellen

Which book should I get Mold Warrior or Desperation Medicine. I have also
been diagnosed with metal toxicity

Mary ellen

So I go to this biotoxin saavy doctor and she tells me I have mold in my breast from the procedure five years ago. I think metals played a role but I’m not sure how. What I do know is that I have toxins all through my body so it doesn’t surprise me if it’s secondary or primary. Anyway I would recommend either book both are good but I think if you have to choose I would choose Mold Warriors. Go to his website as he explains things better than I can. He says millions are being misdiagnosed with MS, FM, CFS and MS. I say he is right. So I only started the protocol last week and I am sicker but that is normal as the toxins are coming out of places they have been in for awhile. Dr. Shoemaker also has a Contrast Sensitivity Test on his website and I believe it’s pretty cheap. Good luck and let me know how everything is going.

Thank you so much. What does he have you taking? What type or protocol is
it. I just want to make sure I am not already doing some of the protocol.
I have, I sure like you, spent a great deal of money trying to get well. I
have started the chelation process of toxic metals. Did you ever do that?

Thank you and pray that you get better
Mary Ellen


I must caution you on the high dose of cortef you are on, 60 mgs is twice what the normal replacement dose usually is. Are you on this dose on drs orders? Many of the symptoms you describe are from too much hydrocortosone. I have addisons for 6 years now and have learned a great deal about it. do you know your lab results for things like acth levels or any other info would help. I am on 30 mgs per day and I am a 300+ pound man. please e-mail me back even privately if you wish mh8kh8@msn.commailto:mh8kh8@msn.com BIGMIKE

Appartently the protocol is different for everyone but Shoemaker and others use a ertoxin binding drug to get the toxins out of you. You surely have a biotoxin illness if the test said so as this test is accurate. If you are a certain genotype you cannot excrete the toxins that’s why some people get well after antibiotics for Lyme disease and others are left with chronic Lyme disease. The said thing is most of these people can be helped.

I am on an antifungal drug along with a toxin binding drug, many supplements and I took an ionic foot bath. I believe metals play a role in that they change the environment in our bodies and perhaps kill off the good bacteria but I don’t know that for sure. Anyway she also recommended this supplement that to me makes a lot of sense. Go to www.miraclemineral.org and see what you think. Part one of the book is free and you can read up on it. As I said I have only begun my treatment and I haven’t received my order yet for the Miracle Mineral Supplement. MMS. I am not seeing Shoemaker but I’m seeing someone who has worked with him on these issues. She is an MD from Atlanta and although she knows traditional medicine she also is a naturopath. I feel lucky to have found her. She too like Shoemaker is quite involved in getting the word out on these biotoxin illnesses as both of them have had them.

It took me non-stop research for eleven months to get to where I am today and you know their is a lot of deliberate misleading from big pharma, the government and insurance companies on these diseases. A lot will be coming out soon but these government agencies promote the well being of special interests not Americans and they spread misinformation so you have to be a sluth and find the truth. I’m a former federal auditor so I have a background in finding corruption. Given that I was already jaded and I didn’t give up in trying to find the truth.

I have been experiencing a lot of die off and removing toxins and I get real sick. My OD told me to take activated charcoal. It absorbs the toxins and symptoms of detoxing is less severe. It has helped me immensely. I am on my search too. Thank you so much

I will keep you posted. Let me know how you are doing
Mary Ellen

Where do you order the miracle mineral supplement. I went to the site and read about it. I cannot find a place to order it. When you get it will it tell you how to mix it.

Mary ellen

My Addison’s is not due to any metal in my body. They say it is idiopathic. They do not know why. They have taken a few gusses. My pituitary gland has atrophy, therefore, it does not secret many of the horomones my body needs like, ACTH. My adrenal glands work fine, they just do not get the ACTH and that is why I take the meds. I have been tested for Addison’s about 10 times. I am in denial a little. I would like to know how other people deal with it. Do they have pain, do they vomit a lot, do they have low energy levels, does anyone lead a " normal " life. My family , my mom, has a hard time with me being sick. She does not understand how I can not feel good so much. She thinks I look for things to be wrong with me. When I get a simple cold I get very sick. One other thing, does anyone experience GI problems. I have major issues with Illius, bloating and even blood in my stool. Any information would be so great!..Toni

Mary Ellen go to http://www.globallight.net/Mineral-Supplements_77.html. If you buy part 2 it gives you the recipe and you can make it yourself.

Toni I also have bowel problem and I’m still tired and I still feel lousy. My problem I have just found out is related to mold. There are many biotoxin illnesses that could be responsible for your symptoms. I also have secondary adrenal insufficiency but mine is related to my hypothalamus. Biotoxin illnesses are a multi-symptom, multi-system disease so it doesn’t surprise me that I have all kinds of problems with this disease. The toxins go everywhere in my body. I also have lesions on my brain and a fatty liver. Anyway Toni it may or may not apply to you but I would still check out www.chronicneurotoxins.com. You will still learn a lot about this disease process. Biotoxins always affect your HPA axis.

Best regards

Dear Toni;

Hallo! I am Cecy, I have reading your E-mail’s, actually, I feel exactly the same way your feel, I have terrible migraines all the time, I put a lot on weight since I started cortisol, I feel bloated with food because generally I have constipation very bad also cause by Addison’s, and this are things that always going to be there, I have recently diagnose with Terrible Anemia, and the reason is because I am bleeding from some way in my stomach, but the doctor do not even tell me why, or give a reason or explanation it could be my intestines, sometime is very upsetting because I never feel well , I always feel sick , low energy. sleeping all the time, no strength, so, is not only you, I think majority of us feel the same way… the only thing, I do not know why our doctor never mention that we always going to feel this way, they never give any information at all…I hope little bit of my information help to you.



I have been treated for Addison’s disease since April 1974. In the beginnning I felt like you. It took three years to get my dose correct. You need to see an Endocrinologist. It sounds like your Electrolytes are out of balance. They should run a 24 hour urine to see how much cortef you need for your body weight. They should also check your electrolytes. I never gained weight because my dose was correct. It is a replacement for what is missing. You gain weight if you are overdosed. It is similiar to having Cushings Syndrome (overactive adrenal gland). I only take 20 mg per day of cortef and 0.1mg of Florinef (for my electrolytes). I weigh about 150 lbs. I also take .05 mg of synthroid for my thyroid replacement. It sounds like you have more going on than just needing cortef replacement. I am now 61 years old and expect to live a normal life. I raised children and worked through all if it. I hope this helps.


When I stopped taking all my thyroid meds Levothyroxine and compounded T3, and my temperature started going up I was fine with just the cortef. Then I started going hypo and started adding just the T3 because it helps so much with the severe depresssion and then started going not sleeping and feeing agiited, pounding chest. I cannot seem to get any thyroid meds balanced or even tolerated. I tried armour and it was awful and felt the same way. Do you know anything about naturthyroid or thyrolar.\\

Mary Ellen


I have addison’s disease and Hashimote thyroiditis. I am on 30 mg of cortef and compounded T3 and levothyroxine. I was diagnosed about 1 year ago. I have an endo and she cannot seem to get me better. What test to you get for electroylytes. She says mine are fine. I do not take florinef. I was told by another forum that I should be taking it. I am so sick all the time. I cannot hardly lead a normal life. What can I do. I have been to 5 endo.

What is your thyroid disease: I don’t sleep, I have sever chest pains. If I do not take the T3 I am so
depressed and suicidal . If I take just the levothyroxine I feel like so hypo I cannot move and still very depressed.

I just don’t know where to turn. I have not sleep in days and take xanax to try to sleep but it is not working.

Any help
Mary Ellen

I just got the miracle mineral supplement book. Are you making it or did
you order it. There is a place you can order it. I was wondering how it
will fair in shipping because light causes it to not be any good.


For some people sleep is hard to come by on steroids. You must not take your pm dose after 430 pm.

Hi Mary Ellen,

There is a website I know of called stopthethyroidmadness.com I heard they were pretty helpful. I am on 150mcg of synthroid and it works ok for me. I am still quite tired all the time and I hardly ever sleep through the night. I take trazadone for sleep.