Looking for information

Hi, I have an 11 year old son who has been struggling in school. He had intensive speech therapy and phonetic tutoring pre-k thru 3rd grade. He is a fluent reader and an excellent speller. However, he doesn’t comprehend anything he reads, can’t seem to learn his math facts, and can’t tie his shoes. He often gets angry and frustrated and thinks we are saying things we are not saying. He has had lots of testing and the only thing that comes up is a low processing speed. I am wondering if he could be dyslexic even though he spells and reads fine. The school says because he does spell and read fine he’s not. Anyone have any suggestions?

(By the way he has an identical twin brother who does above average in all areas of school.)


Wow That’s Really a Tough One. There are nonverbal learning disabilities. Dyslexia is now referred to as a learning disability. Don’t need to get into semantics. The next learning style would be kinesthetic. I had success using Sign Language (ASL) for recalling name/nouns. It is a different pathway in the brain.