Love and Bp

Can meeting someone and falling in love trigger a manic episode?Anyone have any ideas?

i get manic, and i get a little obsessive. i’m pretty good about keeping it to myself- sometimes it spills out a little. i’m old enough to know this is due to my bp, and not the normal wanting to be near your new paramour. it begins to take over my world, and i have to be REALLY careful as to how i proceed, what i say, how i behave. it doesn’t help that i tend toward hyper-sexuality either. take a deep breath and really check in with yourself- but don’t dismiss the natural high of a new love completely, either!

I agree with nyteyes 100% - to the T.  I become very manically happy until something about the guy ticks me off.  Then I go up and down as usual.  I am married now and in the dating stage of our relationship, we had a LOT of ups and downs. Looking back I guess I was a little obsessive and insecure - needless to say, I'm always insecure (a childhood haint).  It's that *always seeking approval* thing with me. 

My advice ... take your time and *really* get to know her *before* you decide you're in love.  I've had a lot of relationships throughout my life and it took me a long time to figure out ... for the most part ... I was *in love* with the person I *thought* he was, not the person he really was!! There is a HUGE difference. People, not just us, have a tendency to fall in love with an *idea* of the person and our perception of them, rather than the true person they are.  Take your TIME!  Look for the negative and the positive.  If she's anything less than what you *really* want, just be friends.  Don't settle for anyone who's not what you truly want - just to be in a relationship.  It's not fair to you or her.  Good luck! :)