Low dose ketamine treatment re: RSD

Hello all!
I was wondering if anyone has either had personal experience with - or opinions of the “low dose ketamine
treatment” used for RSD?
I try to attend pain symposiums when they come to my town and would like to hear some personal experiences you may have had with various treatments.
Not only would it be amazing for all of us to finally have a successful treatment - but I’m sure we would all dearly love to lessen the pain for those friends and/or family that also suffer by watching our personal pain. That would truly be miraculous. :slight_smile:

Hello, Anabelle, my name is Zuzel. I’m new to this web site and don’t know how to get info directly relating to my medical condition. Yes, I have RSD, but I am desperate for information from people who also have RSD in the ankle area. I need to talk to anyone who is experiencing my similiar symptoms. I need to know if they have disfigurement of the area and any other into they can give me. PLEASE I AM DESPERATE, THANK YOU…