Low Testosterone Information

Hello, my name is Samuel Foster and I work for the Henne Group, a medical research firm located in San Francisco. We are currently conducting interviews with men who have been diagnosed with Hypogonadism or Low Testosterone, and are hoping to spread the word about our study so we can get anyone who might be interested involved.

We are currently looking for men 18-85 in the following cities for an in-person interview; Baltimore, New York City, Houston, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Qualified participants will receive $75 for attending an up to 2 hour interview. Please note that you may be asked to bring in proof of diagnosis.

This study is designed for research purposes only, we are not selling anything. Participation in all of our studies is voluntary and any information you share with us will always remain confidential.

If you have any questions or want to see if you are eligible please call The Henne Group toll free: 1- ext. 284

The Henne Group is dedicated to working toward better understanding the diverse health issues people face today. Please visit our website for more information at www.thehennegroup.com. Thank You!