Lower abs

does anyone have any good lower ab exercises?

Reverse crunches are good. Lay on the floor with legs in the air-straight or bent at the knee, and raise your hips off the floor reaching your feet towards the ceiling.

Have you tried Pilates—if you have the strength even to start slow, it is focused on the core, so it’s focusing on the lower abs as one part because we need those to be strong to support our back correctly, etc.

I had MG and fibromyalgia when I took a class so I could barely finish class and then was exhausted all night after class, but I definitely got results and I could have taken it easier in class probably, but I’m one of those type A personalities that has to do everything to the full degree or higher, so I probably pushed myself too much. At the time, the MG hadn’t been diagnosed either, so I didn’t know that was what was wearing me out so much and making me so tired.

You can also get tapes to try at home so you can do it at your own pace though. I can’t do crunches because of my back, but it’s good to go to a pilates class because the instructor can really help make sure you’re doing the movements correctly and there’s a certain way to pose your body (especially stomach and lower back) to make sure you’re doing the exercises correctly and make sure that you don’t hurt yourself.

Hope that helps…Patty.