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I have had lichen planus for 20 some years, on my legs and genital area, but not that badly, and used a topical cream that eliminated the itch and most of the sores, although a hint of the sores would remain, and eventually return. In september I started getting the sores in new places, on my wrists, neck, knees, ankles, and noticed that mosquito bites from the summer never healed, and turned into lp. My dermatologist recommended no alcohol, no smoking, no junk food and no caffeine. He didn’t know if there was lp in my mouth, which I suspected, so I recently went to an oral surgeon and told him I had lp and he said the white lines in my mouth were probably lp since I have it other places. The lp in the mouth is very uncomfortable, painful to floss as opening the mouth feels tight and “stringy”, and my mouth just feels dirty all the time, except when I am eating fresh fruit it feels okay. I apply a balm to my lips so they don’t feel so dried out, which helps. I tend to be very stressed out about things, suffer from depression many years and this past summer/fall was a very emotional time and having lp doesn’t help. It has helped me though make some diet changes as I really don’t have a choice now whether to consume alcohol or not, or other things. I live in a crowded city, the air is dreadful in late summer sometimes I think I would be happier and healthier living in the country. I wonder if sufferers of lp have any commonalities. I hope we can cure ourselves, somehow.


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hi,i to have had lp for twenty years or more and i have it on my legs,i also feel very dry in the mouth and it feels strange .only last week i went to the doctors to have a steriod injection to stop me from tearing my skin apart, i have been having these steriods for a long time, but only one injection a year. the steriod reduceses lp and makes me feel happier for a while,until the dam stuff comes back again. i hate going on holidays abroad because people are ignorant and look at you with discussed, but i try to turn a blind eye to them. its a pitty that there isnt an organisation that gets people like us together so we can feel at ease with ourselfs on private holidays in hot places by the sea. well my friend try not to stress out,its the main thing that causes lp. take care jimbo from uk.

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