Lupus Question's

My Husband and I are a little nervous about talking on-line so I apologize. I am not on my computer a great deal so I hope you can bear with me. My name is April I have Lupus. Although I am still learning about this. I still have questions as well as my Family. I follow everything that my Doctor’s are telling me as well as my Specialist and Surgeons. Although I do as everyone asks I feel still that I am not quite doing something properly. I realize that pain comes with this disease and I seem to have good days and bad days, but I seem to be having problems with my stomach. I had surgery in October of 2006. Since this surgery my stomach has been swollen. I was told that it was due to the anesethia. Well exercise was supposed to help. As well as a good diet. Mind you I only weigh 125lbs. I have done what is asked but my stomach is still swollen and I sort of look pregnant. Which is impossible I have no insides to get pregnant with (sorry about the terms not sure how to appropriately write this). I have spoken with my doctor’s but they assure me thing will be okay but I feel as if something is wrong. My stomach hurts constantly and I was wondering if anyone else has ever had this sort of problem? My sister said that maybe it has something to do with my digestive tract. I don’t seem to use the bathroom as good as I should. She saw something on television that says it is a cleanser for the digestive tract and that the commercial says that those with Lupus have the problems of getting rid of impurities in their digestive tract which causes stomach problems and swelling. I asked my Doctor he said he would check into this. To me this is not comforting. I know I am not a big talker on-line or in this group. I fact I am very nervous to be honest. I would greatly appreciate anything at this point to help me and my Family better understand this situation. Like I said Lupus is new to us and very hard to understand at times. I am still going through a great deal of tests and still going through a lot of technical terms. We are doing a lot of reading and searching to learn and understand more what the Doctor’s are telling us. My husband and I would greatly appreciate any input from anyone thank you.

Hello, I am unavailable to read your message at this time.

Sometimes after surgery there is gas in your tummy = especially if they did the surgery via laproscopy - sorry the sp may not be correct - where they inflate your abdomen and insert hand held instruments thru small inscisions in your abdomen. It’s much less invasive. Many surgeries are done like this now. However, the gas should subside after max a week or so after surgery.
If you’re still having pain after a week or so after surgery - it could be side effects from the surgery - depending on what you had done - stiches, inscisions etc.
However, if you’re having gastric problems - like gas etc - you may want to consider seeing a Gastroenterologist. A doctor of the digestive system. This doctor can make sure you haven’t developed any newer problems related to your lupus - so many things can pop up. He’ll do further testsing like an endoscopy or colonoscopy to make sure things are all in order.
The other problem that can develop after surgery is adhesions - this is especially problematic if you’ve had problems with endometrosis in the past. For some of us - our inside parts are a bit ‘stickier’ than others and the scar tissue can become more of a problem after surgery. It builds up faster and can become restrictive - one of the symptoms is gastric problems after surgery. Many docs are reluctant to consider this after surgery - unfortunately, not a lot can be done about it once it occurs.

On your computer - since you’re not familar - there are some excellent websites for researching medical information such as I’ve mentioned. They are:, and You can copy and past these into your browser line - the line with the web address on your computer screen.
You can also search these terms on a web search page - I prefer Google. Just type in google on the search line and it will bring up the search engine and you can just type in the item you want to search on and it will bring up several items. If you expand on the phrase or change it around a little, sometimes you’ll get different results on your search.
When ever using the internet for your research - read as much as you can - but retain what makes sense to you - not everything you read is true! The medical websites I gave you are reliable, but not all of the other information you’ll find are. You’ll also find other message boards that have your search item on them and you’ll find some helpful information there.
I’ve found that in my short time here that this board is safe regarding sharing information and getting help. If you need any other - please feel free to email me privately. I don’t have lupus, but have friends that do and have been on boards where I’ve learned a lot about the illness.

I hope you’re feeling better and hope that I haven’t overwhelmed you with information!